Why Doctors need a Speech Recognition Software

Speech recognition has vastly improved since its inception. When Siri launched back in 2010, it was novel, but there were many issues. Now, Siri and software like it have evolved to recognize words very well, adapt to and understand different accents, and learn new terminology.

In similar fashion, speech recognition software in the medical field has advanced enough to become a real alternative to conventional methods of data recording.

With the introduction of the Electronic Health Records system came organization and a digital record of patient data, but the doctor patient interaction suffered. There is little eye-to-eye contact and conversation as Physicians simply listen to and type what the patient says.

Patients do not know if their physicians correctly record what they say. Speech to text dictation has allowed eye-to-eye contact, and it has allowed the patients to hear what they said back to them. In addition to advantages for patients, this software gives many advantages to Physicians.

Physicians are not restricted to just the EHR template questions. Speech to text software allow you to record and, simultaneously, organize more detailed information for patients with complicated histories and situations. It also allows you to easily record specific information and avoid generic statements that insurance companies may flag. It saves a lot of time as well since note-taking becomes significantly less of a hassle.

VoiceboxMD is one such software. It works with any EHR system and is specially designed by physician for physician. It streamlines data recording, and allows for more personal interaction between Physician and patient. Many physicians who have tried this software have come away very satisfied.

According to Dr. David Bandola, “VoiceboxMD allows customization of each note with minimal extra time, which is a boost for billing and also guards against ‘cookie cutter’ notes that payers may flag”.

It is crazy, the amount of time both doctors and dentists spend these days on documentation. Speech recognition software like VoiceboxMD are helping out in a big way to doctors and cutting out charting time.

To sum up, we are advancing into an era where we can reliably and affordably streamline data recording while increasing the quality of information for each patient. Obviously, it may not be for everybody as some are just better with typing. However, it is a great option with many of its own advantages. VoiceboxMD comes with a 14 days free trial so definitely give it a try.

Start Up, I’m not so sure about the rest.

Start Up, I’m not so sure about the rest.