As of this writing, the market is tough. We’ve been hit hard with a deadly pandemic that left thousands of people unemployed. It’s layoffs everywhere and the companies are being conservative when it comes to hiring.

Companies are not willing to hire people with no experience or people who they’ve to train.

Your first job in tech is the toughest, you’re competing with virtually every new college grad and anyone who completed a boot camp. …

When developers talk about testing in the software development context, they mostly are not talking about manually testing the software, where we perform some operations in our application and use our eyes to see if we are getting the correct result.

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They are talking about setting up an automated test suite, where we write a little bit of code that performs a few operations in our app and then we add a little more code that asserts we got back the result we were expecting. This helps out developers tremendously especially as our application grows.

The great thing about the…

If you have been using Javascript for a while then you may come across the phrase that it’s a single threaded language.

What does that means?

Javascript engine runs on a V8 engine that has a memory heap and a call stack.

JS is a single threaded which means only one statement is executed at a time.

Before we dive into what it means by it runs on single thread. I would want to first go over the terminology that will help you in understanding.

My attempt will be to explain in the simplest manner possible. To understand this better…

Disclaimer: I did not use Linkedin Premium

To keep our professional network on top of our game, it is imperative that we maintain a solid presence on LinkedIn, The professional social networking platform. Just like companies build their brands, we must have a professional brand.

Having a presence on LinkedIn helps in professional settings and boost tap into its sturdy job board.

Before I walk you through how I was able to get a massive increase in my views and engagement on LinkedIn, I want to point out my motivation behind it.

I created an account on LinkedIn long back…

You might not know this but computer science gives us a way to understand our world and what’s going on behind the scenes in much of our cases. You might have come across the frequent question when dealing with writing code. What is it’s time complexity? How can you represent it in terms of Big O notation?

I will attempt to try to explain like your five the purpose and significance of Big O notation.

When we try to understand Big O notation we came to realize it’s not restricted to the study of computer science but also something we…

It’s well-recorded that the doctor-patient relationship is the foundation of the medicinal solutions. From getting to the core of a finding to influencing the result of the health care. A great relationship between doctor and patient can amplify the process.

Time is a fundamental component that is required to build a significant connection between the doctor and the patient. Doctors have so much on their plates already, and then on top of everything else they have the EHR, which doctors are mandated to use in most developed countries to maintain patient records.

To allow efficiency in a doctor’s practice, many…

I was a bit reluctant to write this article until I came across people with similar experience as mine. I am not making a tall claim, but this is something a decent number of users are experiencing. Let me be the voice of those few.

MacBook Pro 2016

I bought my first Macbook in early 2017, The 2016 model. For two years, it worked like a charm — super fast boot-up, insanely smooth, and responsive touch pad, no overheating, no lag. Insanely perfect!

If there is one thing I’m really good at is having a sound memory of how I destroyed my devices…

Speech recognition has vastly improved since its inception. When Siri launched back in 2010, it was novel, but there were many issues. Now, Siri and software like it have evolved to recognize words very well, adapt to and understand different accents, and learn new terminology.

In similar fashion, speech recognition software in the medical field has advanced enough to become a real alternative to conventional methods of data recording.

With the introduction of the Electronic Health Records system came organization and a digital record of patient data, but the doctor patient interaction suffered. …

Doctors require a sheer amount of dedication to look after a patient well being. I mean that’s what the job title entails, helping people with health issues and they seem to have a strong proclivity towards it.

If you have a Practice based out of USA, then you are mandated by law to maintain reports of your patients. Reports are maintained for the transparency in the communication between the patient and the doctor. …


We always wished there were more hours in a day and less task to do. We always wished there were better ways to check our progress. The one in which takes less time.

The best companies are those that pay attention to what is happening inside. Who is working on what, detecting bottlenecks, setting up reminders for crucial events, making sure nothing goes down.

We surround ourselves with smart people to tell us what we should be doing next. It takes a ton of effort for finding important detail and make an appropriate decision.

Executives for decades have relied heavily…

Sharjeel Siddique

Start Up, I’m not so sure about the rest.

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